Welcome to Vero

Rental applications done safely, simply & transparently

Instant employment, income & identification verification without digging through paper documents

Instant credit, background & eviction verification - done one time & safely saved into a profile

One, centralized renter profile that can be shared with multiple landlords

Manager's Benefits

Eliminate fraud and eviction risk with consistent & reliable income and identity verification

Deepen your quality candidate pool with the ease and distribution of a central digitized profile

Get to the right candidate quicker with automated processes, and guided next steps

Get the full picture with automated checks that go beyond just credit and prior rental history

Renter's Benefits

Get ahead of the pack with a digital profile that automatically finds your employement, income and credit info for you constantly

Save time & money without needing to scan or find paper docs (80% faster) and one profile to cover all of your applications

Tell your story - prove you are more than a credit score with a comprehensive picture of your financial health

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