The new standard in applicant screening

Vero is the fastest and most comprehensive software platform for screening rental applicants. We help property managers and landlords recover millions of dollars in rental income by drastically increasing the speed from lead to lease.

The complete toolkit for
processing rental applications

Vero accelerates the leasing process by getting you all of the information you need to make an approval decision in a fraction of the time. Upload your portfolio to track vacancies, group applications across roommates and guarantors, and verify applicants' assets and income in seconds to secure your future rental income.

Vero app
Vero app

The state-of-the-art process
that applicants deserve

Tired of reading illegible scans and waiting for manual employment verification? Use Vero to instantly confirm essential employment, income, and asset information without collecting any documents. Keep your future residents happy by allowing them to complete the requirements directly from their phones.

Phone screenshot
Phone screenshot

Background & Credit Check

Make sure you know who you’re renting to with our comprehensive background and credit check service.

  • ID Verification & Credit Report
  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Eviction Report

Income & Balance Verification

Secure financial data directly from the applicant’s bank account for you to make decisions quickly and confidently.

  • Instant Employment Verification
  • Instant Income Validation
  • Instant Bank Account Balance Verification

Renter Profile

A free, standardized profile included with all applications to get you the basic information you need for a thorough evaluation.

  • Residential History
  • Employment History
  • References & Secure Document Sharing

Mobile friendly

Renters, managers, and agents operate on the go. It’s time for technology to catch up. Invite, submit, and evaluate applications straight from your smartphone.

Blazing fast

We designed our application process for speed from the beginning. Most applicants are able to submit a complete screen (including ID, background & credit, and income & balance verifcations) in less than 5 minutes.

Flexible to fit your needs

One size does not fit all. Request additional documents, add custom questions, and set screening criteria based on the asset in your portfolio. Aggregate application in roommate and guarantor groups to get the best view of your next tenant.

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Group applications

Streamline lease evaluation and approval by combining roommates in group applications.


Guarantor screening

Never review your tenant in a vacuum when you designate guarantors in your application group. Evaluate realistic lease scenarios that include guarantor income and assets for better decision-making.

Vero app

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